SAP Commerce Cloud vs. Salesforce Commerce Cloud –  Which One to Choose?

SAP Commerce Cloud vs. Salesforce Commerce Cloud – Which One to Choose?

With ever-changing customer expectations in today’s tech-savvy marketplace, it has become very important for merchants to deliver personalized and enhanced shopping experiences to stay relevant and competitive in the eCommerce landscape. So when it comes to choosing an enterprise eCommerce platform, the possibilities are almost endless.

There are various platforms that can meet customer needs, but it is difficult to understand the nuances and key features that would make one of them the best choice for your business. Among the key players, SAP Commerce Cloud (previously known as Hybris) and Salesforce Commerce Cloud aka Demandware are often compared. Both platforms have strong native functionalities and capabilities and are able to present solid business cases to stakeholders involved in various stages of the deployment process.

In this blog post, we will compare the two enterprise eCommerce platforms, SAP Commerce Cloud & Salesforce Commerce Cloud. This evaluation would be based on their platform functionality, architectural flexibility, B2B/B2C capabilities, and Omnichannel commerce.

Platform Functionality

SAP CommerceCloud provides a unified system for managing products, content, orders and customer experience. It is best suited for large businesses and has basic eCommerce features such as order management, cart, and checkout Omni-commerce promotions that can be used to grow your business.

In contrast, Salesforce Commerce Cloud has many critical eCommerce features built into the platform, such as one-touch options for mobile payments, as well as multi-site site management and localization. Furthermore, Salesforce Commerce Cloud has access to all reliable offerings in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Collectively, Demandware and Salesforce together have enjoyed a smooth journey because they both work to achieve the same goals so that businesses can provide a consistent brand experience throughout the customer’s life cycle.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud helps customers find new ways to research and buy products – all in a branded, mobile and social environment. It can support the entire journey from brand involvement, purchase transactions, fulfilling customers’ needs and sharing experiences through communities.

Architectural Flexibility

The SAP Commerce platform and its modules are designed for scalability and customization capabilities. Existing functions can be easily adapted or replaced completely. To make things easier, SAP Commerce offers accelerators that help customers reduce the time and cost of eCommerce projects.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides customers with a complete digital commerce experience through eCommerce websites and an automated and unified digital experience between the online and offline worlds.

Commerce cloud offers a Business Manager, a Salesforce B2C Commerce online tool, that helps you manage product catalogs, promotions, inventory and prices and hence increase productivity. It also provides an additional feature – a new Apple Pay integration– that allows secure one-touch payments for online payments via the Internet and mobile devices.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is powered by an evolving community. It also has a LINK Marketplace that helps you find value-added services for your store.

B2B/B2C Capabilities

SAP Commerce Cloud has consistent and comprehensive B2C and B2B capabilities such as flexible architecture, implementation, and data management models in SAP Commerce.

B2B features of SAP Commerce Cloud
Self Administration: Customers can access self-managed areas to manage and deal with their business, request approval processes, and cost center budgets.

PunchOut Integration: B2B sites can be integrated into the customer procurement systems, with all orders converted into purchase requisitions.

Quote negotiations: The quote can be negotiated by both consumers and sellers until a mutually agreed agreement is reached.

Benefits of Salesforce B2B Commerce (formerly CloudCraze)

  • Simple configurational changes to the storefront without any programming knowledge.
  • Meeting the specific needs of business customers, such as order split or the representation of complex pricing models.
  • Automation of Enterprise-specific processes with Process Builder.
  • Using unified data from e-commerce and CRM systems gives your employees a 360-degree view of how each customer interacts with your brand.
  • Sustainable brand experience and personalized content for your customers with native integration of additional Salesforce solutions.


SAP is one of the omnichannel commerce software that seamlessly integrates all channels and solutions into one platform. It helps you give your customers a consistent and meaningful experience at every single point and on every device.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers a simplified cloud-based approach that offers merchants various functionalities, including merchandising, marketing, order management, operations, and more, all in one centralized platform.

Commerce Cloud is an integrated platform that works on all channels, including Mobile, social, web and physical stores in all regions. This platform provides multi-site support, multiple languages, and multi-currency support.
A single display of all customers allows a complete understanding of customers online and in-store. Commerce Cloud enables integrated order capture, multi-channel order management, and customer service capabilities.


Both SAP Commerce and Salesforce Commerce are very good platforms. However, when choosing your solution, you must highlight the pros and cons of each solution and choose a platform that supports your business needs. Salesforce Commerce Cloud is one of the proven B2C options at the enterprise-level and it has stronger features and functionalities.

The three main commerce cloud advantages are faster innovation, predictive commerce, and unified experience. On the other hand, the omnichannel capabilities of SAP Commerce Cloud enable you to go-to-market quickly with a highly flexible and scalable solution.

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