General-Purpose VMs Announced by Google Cloud

General-Purpose VMs Announced by Google Cloud

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has announced new, cost-optimized, and general-purpose virtual machines (VMs) to run on the Google Compute Engine.

Other than first-generation N1 family, GCP previously used to offer three machine types earlier mainly focused on general-purpose scenarios:

  1. General-purpose (N2): N2 machine types offer a balance between performance and cost. These virtual machines are ideal for a big majority of workloads, including but not limited to line-of-business apps, databases, and web serving.
  2. Compute-optimized (C2): They offer high-end, consistent virtual CPU performance. C2 machine types are ideally suited for EDA, HPC, AAA gaming, and other apps.
  3. Memory-optimized (M2): With this category, users can access the highest amount of memory. These virtual machines blend well with in-memory databases like real-time analytics, SAP HANA, and in-memory caches.

Now, GCP declared a beta of the E2 family of virtual machines, offering dynamic resource management to convey trust-worthy and continuous performance, mouldable configurations, and what the company reveals is the magnificent costs of ownership of any of its virtual machines.

According to the Google Cloud Platform, the performance of E2 machine types was found similar to the N1 family.

Some of the features provided by the E2 family are:

Less TCO: Amongst all the virtual machines in Google Cloud, the lowest total cost of opportunity, 31% of savings compared to N1 is being offered.

Unmatched Performance: Virtual machines acquire reliable and continuous performance at a very low budget. Virtual machines unlike comparable options from cloud service providers, E2 virtual machines can maintain high CPU load avoiding artificial throttling or complex pricing schemes.

Flexible VMs: E2 instance can be customized with up to 16 virtual CPUs and 128 GB of memory space. Simultaneously, you can provision the resources you need with 15 new predefined configurations or the skill to work with custom machine types.

The E2 VMs, based on industry-standard x86 chips from Intel and AMD, were defined by the Google Cloud Platform as the best fit for a variety of workloads such as business-critical apps, web servers, development environments, and web servers. For workloads that do run well on N1 and especially don’t demand large instance sizes, Google Cloud Platform or local SSD believes moving them to E2. According to Google Cloud Platform, E2 can help all the heavy workloads and perform just like or maybe better than N1, at much lower costs.

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