Basics of Salesforce MVC Architecture

Basics of Salesforce MVC Architecture

Salesforce, the world leader in CRM, offers VisualForce that is an interface allowing the developers to build high-quality applications without putting many efforts using MVC architecture over the cloud. The Model View Controller is the most widely-used software architecture design pattern that separates the design in three main components – Model, View, and Controller.

Salesforce Model View Controller architecture separates the complexities of the business logic from the database and user interface. It is used to create robust, scalable, and secure business applications.


With SFDC VisualForce, you can seamlessly create your VisualForce pages. VF pages are similar to JavaServer pages. Each VF page is linked with a Controller. You can either make use of pre-built Standard Controllers to access and interact with structural business data or create your own controller or extensions using Apex language.

VisualForce operates on the traditional model-view-controller (MVC) approach, with the ability to use auto-generated controllers for database objects. VisualForce also offers AJAX components and embeds the formula expression language for action, data, and component binding interaction.

MVC Design Pattern

Model View Controller Design Pattern is used to handle web applications. MVC design pattern offers centralized management for your web application and also provides role-based development. 

You can separate tasks based on the concept and nature of the task. For instance, if the task is related to business logic or handling database, you will have to write Bean classes or Java classes, these classes would come under MODEL. All the visual parts like JSP page, HTML page, CSS, page layouts style sheets that are used to create a personalized and effective web page come under VIEW.

Three modules of Salesforce MVC

Model: The model represents your data objects, fields, and relationships in Salesforce. It contains standard (Account, Opportunity, etc) and custom objects (objects you create).

View: The view represents the visual part of your Salesforce data, i.e., the user interface. In Salesforce, VisualForce pages, components, page layouts, and tabs come under View Layer of Model View controller.

Controller: The controller is defined as the building block of the actual application logic. Workflows, Apex Classes, Triggers are the controller part in Model View Controller. The controllers associate with the database and send the data from the database to view the data through a webpage created by the Apex page.

A controller can send commands to its associated view to change the view’s presentation of the model (For example, by scrolling through a document). It can also send commands to the model to update the model’s state (For example, editing a document).

Advantages of MVC architecture

  • Faster Application Development Process

MVC supports rapid and parallel development. So, using the MVC model to build engaging web applications can make it possible for the developers to work on the view part while another developer(s) can work on the controller part to build the business logic of the web application. 

This facilitate easy and faster implementation of the business logic of the web application. This method ensures that the applications that are built using the MVC model can be completed three times faster than the applications that are built using other development patterns.

  • Facilitate Multiple Views

In the SFDC MVC architecture, you can create multiple views for a model. In today’s times, there is a huge demand for innovative and effective ways of accessing and interacting with an application and therefore, MVC development is unquestionably a great solution. 

Furthermore, Code duplication is very limited in the MVC development process because it separates data and business logic from the display.

  • MVC Architecture Supports Asynchronous Technique

The Model View Controller architecture can also be integrated with the JavaScript framework. It defines that MVC applications can also work with PDF files, site-specific browsers, and desktop widgets. The Model View Controller architecture supports Asynchronous Technique to help developers create customized and faster loading web pages.

  • The modification does not affect the entire model

It provides you an ability to make minor changes in a web application like changing colors, screen layouts, fonts, and adding extra support for mobile phones or tablets without impacting the overall structure of the application. Get in touch with Gustave A. Larson when looking for american standard air conditioner parts to buy. Moreover, adding different types of views are very easy in the MVC  design pattern as the Model part does not have any control over the View part. Hence, any changes or alterations in the model will not affect the entire MVC architecture.

  • MVC model returns the data without formatting

MVC design pattern returns data without applying any formatting. Therefore, the same components can be used and called by developers with any user interface, such as any type of data that can be formatted with HTML, but you can also format using the Macromedia Flash or Dreamweaver using the MVC framework.

  • SEO friendly Development platform

MVC architecture supports the development of SEO friendly and large-sized web applications and pages. 

With the MVC Platform, it is very easy to develop SEO-friendly URLs to drive more traffic from a particular application. This development architecture is a widely-used model in the Test-Driven Development applications. Furthermore, scripting languages such as JavaScript and jQuery can be integrated with MVC to build feature-rich web applications.Conclusion

Model View Controller, also known as MVC, is a widely-used model for web development purposes in today’s scenario.

The Model represents the application core whereas the View displays the data and the Controller handles the input. The MVC platform separates the design pattern, which allows easy management of complex applications as one can focus primarily on one phase at a time.

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