Dreamforce 2019 Announcements for Salesforce Users

Dreamforce 2019 Announcements for Salesforce Users

In recent years, Salesforce partners have seen revolutionary changes in the ecosystem to get more value from their investment. Dreamforce has always been an important contribution to this ecosystem. 

This annual four-day event brings together the entire Salesforce community. This year’s annual conference brought several exciting announcements and innovations for Salesforce Developers and Admins.

Dreamforce 2019 Product Announcements

Customer 360 Truth

Salesforce, the world’s largest CRM provider, introduced Customer 360 Truth at Dreamforce 2019. This can be classified as an enhanced set of data and services that links all the data from across sales, service, marketing, commerce and more to form a single, universal Salesforce ID for each customer.

Customer 360 Truth goals and objectives:

  • Bring all the customer data at a single place to get an overall picture so that businesses can serve their customers better.
  • Seamlessly solves customer problems, and delivers a smart, personalized marketing journey or predicts the best sales opportunities. 
  • Improves data management across Salesforce applications and other systems and provides immediate access to consistent and relevant customer data.

Einstein Voice

The latest Einstein Voice Skills, built on Einstein Voice Assistant, guide sales representatives with routine CRM transactions such as creating and updating customer records and managing data with charts and dashboards. 

Using Einstein Voice Skills, developers and admins can build powerful and custom voice-powered apps for employees, replacing manual data entry or manual Salesforce navigation that can affect performance. Through the simple setup page, developers and administrators can create custom functions for each CRM action, such as updating fields, creating assignments, or making predictions.

Service Cloud Voice

The recently announced Service Cloud Voice integrates telephony into the service cloud and unifying phone, digital channels, and CRM data in real-time in a single centralized console. 

Now, whenever the call is diverted to a service representative, the call appears directly at the agent’s workspace, the command center for managing customer data and interaction history and providing services via channels such as email, chat, messages, and telephone. 

With new transcription capabilities that transform speech into text, Einstein can help customer service representatives manage voice calls by providing AI-based responses, knowledge articles, answers, and best practices.

Einstein Coaching

The newest Einstein Call Coaching for Salesforce Sales Cloud enables managers to discover key insights and trends about prospects and customers within conversational data. 

These insights can be used to provide sales representatives with personalized coaching features and how to enhance the customer’s shopping experience.

New tools and learning modules of Mulesoft

MuleSoft has announced new tools, ready-made connectors, and training modules that allow anyone to integrate systems, deliver connected and personalized customer experiences without writing any code. 

These modules empower anyone to be an “Integration Trailblazer” and easily connect data sources,  regardless of their location. The latest innovations speed up the integration process with a single step,  efficient data mapping, and securing and monitoring API-led connectivity.

New iOS Enterprise Apps

Salesforce has introduced a redesigned Salesforce Mobile app and Trailhead GO, a learning application that provides a rich customer experience with out-of-the-box features available on iOS and iPadOS. Also, the latest announcement includes an enhanced Software development kit (SDK) that allows developers to easily build and use Salesforce native applications for the iPhone and iPad on the Salesforce Platform.

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