Shoot Your Marketing & Sales Automation With Salesforce Pardot

Shoot Your Marketing & Sales Automation With Salesforce Pardot

Salesforce Pardot for business offers effective, integrated campaigns that incorporate and nurtures leads better than your traditional software. CRM integration, social media marketing, micro-level web analytics and personalized content, all add up to a quantifiable ROI for organizations with multi-touch sales cycles.
Pardot enables B2B marketing automation giving businesses the power and flexibility to integrate marketing activities with a cloud-based solution that shows your sales team exactly where to spend its time in order to maximize ROI. The system automatically scores prospect leads on the basis of their activity on your website and, provides hard data for an otherwise subjective sales process. Leads that are not close to conversion are automatically placed into nurturing tracks.

Pardot can serve marketers that manage a small or mid-size contact database, up to a few million contacts. Midsize organizations that primarily focus on B2B sales and marketing automation will find Pardot, a Salesforce lead Management company very viable.

Pardot is offered in 4 different editions

The Group Edition offers fundamental lead scoring and email marketing, while the Professional & Enterprise Editions offer the core marketing automation function, desired by most users. The Ultimate Edition offers other beneficial add-ons, such as email messaging, additional storage space, and a dedicated IP address.
As per popular review sites –, Pardot is used by over 300 companies in 10 countries and the vendor boasts a customer retention rate of 96%, without a contract.

Pardot is a cloud-based ‘Software-as-a-Service’ application, built on the platform. It integrates flawlessly with, Microsoft CRM, Sugar CRM, and Netsuite.

Pardot offers the following key differentiated advantages:
• Powerful lead scoring engine
• Desktop application for real-time alerts to sales and marketing representatives
• Free iPhone app for customers
• No contract, pay-as-you-go monthly pricing
• Unlimited number of users and contacts in your database
• API for custom CRM system integrations


Some of the key features of Pardot:
Lead management and nurturing

Easily filter high-quality leads, adapt programs based on results and evolve goals
Identify effective content and channels to maximize cost savings  learn how and offshore bank account can help reduce costs, offshore banking: how to legally open an offshore bank account.

Set up workflows to assign prospects based on score, territory, industry and other factors you determine
Personalize the buying experience by dynamically changing email and website content based on a prospect’s score, grade, industry, job title, and more

Social Marketing Capabilities
Monitor and communicate with customers who share opinions and experiences about your company’s products and services
Get profile data of prospect customers from social media accounts
Post to social networks and track valuable metrics, develop attractive e-mails, landing pages as well as launch campaigns. Team of successful designers can be found at kitchen remodeling company in Oklahoma.

Seamless Integration
Bridge the gap between your CRM platforms, including social sites and webinar platforms, with a suite of analytics, social and online marketing connectors like Salesforce, Google Analytics, LinkedIn and Jigsaw connector.
Webinar connectors facilitate and streamline attendee registration, activity scoring and reporting all within the marketing automation system

Content Management
Easily manage brand consistency with flexible, customizable templates that let you create landing pages, forms and emails using intuitive drag-and-drop builders.
Store and track white papers, images and other files on secure servers

Email Marketing
Send the right email at the right time with dynamic content and flexible email scheduling
Tools and templates allow you to easily create branded communications
Optimize your emails for the inbox and ensure that your messages reach their mark — with email A/B testing and SPAM analysis.
Send tracked emails from Outlook/Gmail/Thunderbird/Apple mail and have them synched with your CRM system

In-depth Analytics
Identify visitors, track prospect activity and measure campaign ROI with advanced analytics. System tools include custom tracked URLs, activity tracking, analytics filters, and custom and scheduled reports.
Campaign ROI calculator provides increased visibility into marketing metrics by integrating your CRM’s sales opportunities with paid search results
Push Google analytics data to CRM records
Offline analysis

Close deals faster with Salesforce® Engage
Using Salesforce CRM for real-time sales notification, prospect activity follow-ups, and sales campaign tracking guarantee that sales reps are following up with prospects right when they should be
Unite sales and marketing efforts with Salesforce® Engage. Offer more, sell effectively than ever before, in the office or from mobile devices. Empower sales to lead the conversation with a library of marketing-curated content, just one click away.
Understand your prospects better. Track their activities in details so you can understand their journey from click to close.

Make success repeatable

Realize the true returns of your marketing efforts with closed-loop reporting. Gain insight into which campaigns and efforts are driving new business. Analyze, optimize and repeat. Discover and attribute conversions with their revenue with their original source. Check out Monitor, control and measure success of Salesforce® Engage campaigns with interactive, graphical dashboards. Understand the sales pipeline and its well-being using Lifecycle reports.
Supported Operating System(s)
Web browser (OS agnostic), Mac OS

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