Commerce Cloud Digital Developer Certifications – What to do and What not?

Commerce Cloud Digital Developer Certifications – What to do and What not?

Greetings! I am Suraj Tripathi and I work in Cloud Analogy as a Salesforce Certified Application Architect and at the same time I have acted in the capacity of Australia Business Head for Cloud Analogy. My job roles at Cloud Analogy are Delivery Head, Customer Satisfaction Manager and Technical Lead in development.

My Certifications

I started my career as a Java developer, almost 6 years back, as an Oracle Java programming developer. However, after working for about 6 months time in Java programming, I shifted to Salesforce CRM technology.

Since then, I have acquired skill sets by Salesforce certifications. I am a Salesforce Certified Developer in the following areas:

1. Salesforce Certified Platform Developer
2. Salesforce Certified Data Architecture and Management Designer
3. Salesforce Certified Sharing and Visibility Designer
4. Salesforce Certified App Builder.

I am also Salesforce Certified Commerce Cloud Digital Developer which only states my hands on experience in Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud as well. Moreover, I have 5+ years of experience in the Salesforce ecosystem. Cloud Analogy works in Agile methodologies, and I am a certified Scrum Product Owner also which helps me in understanding the business model and break it down in sprints so that the project can get successfully delivered on time.

In this post I would like to narrate you about my experience of getting certified for my latest and most valuable certification – Salesforce Certified Commerce Cloud Digital Developer. Since I am always interested in learning new technologies and gaining expertise on the latest technologies , it is one of my most valuable

However Commerce Cloud is not that easy as Salesforce does not provide any documentation and if any documentation is present it is huge. Believe me it is almost like finding a needle in a haystack.

It is good that there are other ways to learn such a technology say using Youtube for that matter. Sometimes it is not easy to understand everything just by listening. With no developer edition in Commerce Cloud makes it all the more difficult to understand the technology. Let me now explain more about my preparations for Commerce Cloud Developer (CCD).

How I prepared for CCD?

CCD 101 Commerce Cloud developer : I went on a business trip in the month of February 2019 while I was there attending Salesforce events like Salesforce World Tour, It was a Salesforce event for partners and meeting with prospects and existing clients. My mentor and brother Ajay Kumar Dubedi told me to find out where and when is Salesforce was organizing the session on Salesforce CCD 101 Commerce Cloud developer and asked me to do a good research for pros and cons of attending that session.So I started digging out about it and found out the next session was in the month of March and luckily I had already planned for going to Melbourne, during that week. The session needs to be started on 12th of March and was going to on 15th of March. Now all the plans were in place and I explained Ajay about each and every detail. The only problem was the cost for that session was too high in Australia – the cost of the session was 3900 AUD. Ajay motivated me to do the course and supported me in managing my projects and my team.

  • Trip to Melbourne for Course : I took the flight to Melbourne on 12th of March and booked a hotel for 4 days there so that I had a place to stay after the session. From the 12th of March my session got started and once I got there I found out one of my other mentors Gaurav Khetrapal was taking that session from Salesforce. I was a little bit relieved – finding a known face in an unknown country.
  • I took the complete session and it gave me a lot of motivation and confidence for taking the exam but I got the information that the course was not enough for giving the certification exam as it contains only 60% of the content which comes in the certification exam. So I started finding out other documentations about Commerce Cloud B2C – learning and understanding more about the exam. click now.
  • Taking help of Trailhead : Trailhead modules and Salesforce documentations are as usual available to learn and understand the B2C business entirely. I came up with some modules which I found in the trailhead to do and I created a trailmix so that if anyone asks I can help them as well. Trailhead was a big help and then I found a documentation which Salesforce provides for free for developers who wants to learn but the only problem was to find a good place to start and where to end as the documentation is huge and if you can remember all the things from there then I don’t think you need to get the course as well.
  • Got to know about XChange and other Courses for certification : If you search for the B2C commerce cloud digital developer certification Google will take you to this page :
    Where you can find the courses you should do while preparing for the certification but when you click on the link it will take you mostly to those pages where you won’t be able to access the documentation as they all are paid but if you have Demandware access, you can always ask Salesforce to provide the documentation at some cost so I tried to find out that as well but I found out that it was costly and I thought it is not worth enough. I studied with all my previous documentation and booked the certification exam on 3rd of April 2019.

My First Attempt

I gave the exam on 3rd of April I was not sure of the kind of questions to be there in the exam and I failed. Although I was very close and probably missed the passing percentage by probably 1 question. So I was a little bit demotivated as I put a lot of effort. I am always stubborn about things, I booked the exam again on the 8th of April.

Second and Final Attempt

I prepared with more focus this time and prepared everything which came in the first attempt which I remembered and gave my 100% effort. I felt more confident then ever and finished the exam in 45 minutes of time only and submitted the exam and crossed my fingers for the best result and I passed this time. Finally, I was Salesforce Certified Commerce Cloud Digital Developer and to be true this was the most important certification for me as it cost me a lot of money. Then I also got my Platform App builder certification as well which made me a Certified Application Architect. Read more about us.

Commerce Cloud Certification

Final Thoughts

Fail or pass what I see is not in your hands but to fail and try again should be your goal. Because If you fail and you don’t try again, you are always going to be in the same place and you can’t grow as a person not as a developer. You should know that defeat is not an option and winning is the only way to survive in this world. Always be of those kinds who either win or learn and never loose.

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