Automate Your Business Process with Point-And-Click Tools

Automate Your Business Process with Point-And-Click Tools

How much time do you spend on manually updating user profiles, pricing, and permissions, or transferring data from one system to another? 

These business processes and many more can be effortlessly automated by leveraging Salesforce point-and-click tools. With Salesforce automation tools, sales reps and managers can get more work done faster and more accurately. It also assists them in staying focused on their core competencies so that they can grow and thrive. 

Salesforce offers multiple Point-And-Click tools to automate your organization’s repetitive business processes such as Approvals, Process Builder, Workflow, and Flow Builder, and more. These fantastic automation tools offered by Salesforce help eliminate manual entry of data and save valuable time and efforts of sales representatives. 

Types of Salesforce Point-And-Click tools

Lightning Flow -Lightning Stream in Salesforce is a new innovative way for businesses to optimize their business processes. This allows businesses to create and extend automation processing functions to enhance employee and customer experience.

Lightning Flow provides declarative process automation tools that allow users to create visual and guided processes and easily integrate them to an application, record, console, and portal using two point-and-click automation tools, including Process Builder that allows you to build processes and Flow Builder that you can use to create flows.

Salesforce Process Builder

With this powerful yet automated Salesforce tool, Salesforce admins can:

  • Create and execute processes seamlessly through a convenient layout with point-and-click functionality.
  • Create the whole process in one place instead of using different workflow rules.
  • Create processes by interacting with various team members in your business.
  • Achieve complex flows without using Apex code.
  • Post on chatter to share data and information with any user.
  • Launch or trigger the flow from your process to automate multiple processes at the same time.

Flow Builder – In Salesforce, Flow is an application within Salesforce that automates complex and repetitive business processes. 

Flow Builder consists of several ready-to-use screen components such as text boxes, radio buttons, and file-upload that help businesses save time, cut costs, and eliminate errors while improving employee productivity, reducing IT burden, and ensuring stronger accountability and compliance.

The operations that can be performed by Flow Builder are:

  • With Flow Builder, you can respond to and send platform event messages
  • Add automation to your pages and applications.
  • Set up automated tasks and processes.

Workflow Rules – Workflow rules are the orders created by a Salesforce user to perform automated actions when certain conditions or series of conditions are met. These tasks can occur suddenly or can be scheduled based on a trigger at a particular time.

Workflow rules in Salesforce are one of the best ways to automate business processes that enable you to automate standard internal procedures and multiple processes to save time while working on your Salesforce org, check out Workflow rules are the primary container for a series of workflow instructions.

Approvals Process – Approval Process in Salesforce requires the automation process one step further, empowering the users to specify a sequence of steps requires to approve a record.

The operations that can be performed through the Approval process are Field Update, Email Alert, Create Task and Outbound Message.

Einstein Next Best Action – Einstein Next Best Action is the perfect tool to display the right reviews and recommendations to the right people at the right time. It involves true partners in your recovery and user feedback and branching logic at various levels of business automation. It let Salesforce admins create and display offers and actions for their users that are tailored to meet their unique criteria.

Strategy Builder is an effective point-and-click process automation tool used with Einstein Next Best Action. Strategy Builder is designed to enable Salesforce admins to build their automation strategies and funnels recommendation records to determine which recommendations to be displayed on the record pages.

Perform Automated Actions – An automated action is a reusable component that can be used to perform more advanced operations like updating multiple fields at once or sending a single email to multiple recipients. 


Business process automation is the use of tools to perform recurring tasks or processes in a business that can replace manual efforts. When it comes to smoke damage mitigation be sure to hire from California . By leveraging the right business automation tools, you can achieve cost minimization, higher efficiency, and streamlined processes.

These-above mentioned are compelling tools in the automation of your org’s business process. They will automate aspects of your business process to prevent errors, give your users more time, and reduce costs.

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